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iMessageWindows Features
You can send over 5 GB files to your friends on iMessage! We have a powerful server which manages this process!
Send messages from your windows PC to any Apple product! Pictures, music, documents, and they all will work!
Facetime with your friends from your windows pc! Works with all apple products such as Mac OSX, iPhone4+, iPads, iTouch, and also Windows to Windows!
Many more features coming soon!
iMessage for Windows is only at its beta stage. So expect minor problems.
Send bugs and glitch reports to -
Welcome to!

Here you  will find that we have a iMessage that will work on a Windows computer. We made this possible when Apple did not want to. iMessageWindows, can send messages, pictures, documents and much more to any Apple products! Also it will work for windows to windows! We have a community of developers who has helped with this project.
iMessageWindows Supports

Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Linux (Coming Soon)

Make sure you have NET. Framework installed -